The Mama-Pikin Foundation is a non-profit organization

Improving the health of women, children, and families in Sierra Leone​

You have the opportunity to impact the lives of women, children, and families living in Sierra Leone

Who we are.

Committed to Improving Maternal and Child Health in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone used to have one of the highest maternal and child mortality rates in the world, but the country has made significant improvements in reducing those rates. The Mama-Pikin Foundation, founded in 2008 by two doctors of Sierra Leonean descent, has played a crucial role in enhancing maternal and child health.

The meaning

Mama-Pikin means “Mother-Child” in Krio, a language commonly spoken in Sierra Leone

our core competencies:

Providing support to pregnant women and children

We offer comprehensive support to pregnant women and children, ensuring they receive the necessary care and resources for a healthy pregnancy and early childhood.

Providing Support to Health Facilities to Improve Quality of Care

We collaborate with health facilities to enhance the quality of care provided to mothers and children.

Training Health

We conduct extensive training programs for health personnel, equipping them with the latest knowledge and skills in maternal and child health.

Implementing Programs to Improve Maternal & Child Health

We design and implement targeted programs aimed at improving maternal and child health outcomes.

support for pregnant women.

Improving Collaboration With Communities: Belleh Uman Bato Group

In March 2023, we launched our Belleh Uman Bato Group (BBG) Peer Support Program and began working with CHC’s and community leaders to strengthen linkages between communities and clinics as well as strengthen community involvement and ownership of maternal and child health issues.

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Core Programs


Postgraduate Training in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Pediatrics

The Mama-Pikin Foundation manages a 5-year, $4 million grant to support the Ministry of Health. . .


Support For Pregnant Women

The Mama-Pikin Foundation provides a delivery bucket and transportation allowances to every woman who delivers a baby. . .


Research and

The Mama-Pikin Foundation implements and supports research and training programs to improve Maternal and. . .

How to Help.

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Helping Hand

In 2023, the Mama-Pikin Foundation received funding and support from multiple partners including government, foundations, and corporations. We were also supported by many individual donors on our website and during Facebook fundraising campaigns. Throughout 2023, MPF‘s donors,partners and supporters have contributed to improving the health of women, children, and families inSierra Leone, by supporting our programs.

Our partners from all over the world.

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