Support for Pregnant Women

About the program

The Mama-Pikin Foundation provides a delivery bucket and transportation allowances to every woman who delivers a baby at eight government-supported clinics in six districts. Each bucket contains a sheet of plastic to provide a clean surface area for delivery, a Lappa (cloth) to wrap the baby, and a bar of soap. This support costs about $10 and the foundation has supported over 20,000 women to deliver safely in a health facility instead of at home. 

In March 2023, the foundation launched the Belleh Uman Bato Group (BBG) Peer Support Program which provides health and financial education, and strengthens linkages with pregnant and lactating women, midwives and nurses, and Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) in communities. This program has proven to be exceptional in facilitating partnerships between TBAs, nurses and midwives to ensure safer deliveries in clinics instead of at home.

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